Did someone say... BANANAS?!

The Monkey King
Vital statistics
Position Monkey King
Age  ???
Status Monkey King
Physical attributes
Height 5'5"
Weight  ???

Background Edit

The Monkey King was just an average zookeeper's assistant. Until one day, when he fell into a vat of radioactive monkey poop, thereby losing the 2% of his DNA that separates us from monkeys. Now, he rules the skies in a flying Banana Colosseum as... The Monkey King.

After stealing a Colosseum from The Legionnaire, a Roman-themed supervillain, The Monkey King attempted to piggyback on yet another villain's plans in Episode 5. He used his yellow tractor beam to capture Cerebralsaurus Rex and his de-evolution beam, which he planned to use and turn all of America into his monkey subjects. He managed to beam up the Ne'er-Do-Wells as well and gleefully welcomed them to his Colosseum, where he confessed to being their greatest fan. He had written chapters upon chapters of fan-fiction about them, and about Carrion in particular, with whom he had a particular fixation. He even had an original character, 'Monkey Demon,' who he always replaced Arnos with in his fiction, claiming that the Ne'er-Do-Wells 'only had room for one animal-themed hero.' Monkey Demon is a blatant re-color of the Hellhound, and The Monkey King ships him shamelessly with Carrion. The Monkey King and his assistant Mark also sit at the head of Banana Publishing, the company that infringed on the Ne'er-Do-Wells' identities and privacy and manufactures hundreds of coloring books, comics, and figurines. They even made a Wiki page about The Ne'er-Do-Wells, which is just full of misinformation.

After a disturbing tour of his banana-themed facilities the Ne'er-Do-Wells put an end to his plans. He disappeared in a cloud of potassium smoke and the Colosseum self-destructed, and he has not been seen since.

Powers Edit

The Monkey King possesses a supernatural knowledge of bananas. He knows everything about bananas. He is an adept fighter as well, boasting an arsenal of banana-themed weapons: banana scimitars, specialized banana armor, and banana-colored potassium grenades. He has the unique ability to control the minds of all monkies, making him ripe for the picking as their rightful ruler.