Ivy Pettleblossom is a pixie, and former Fuzzy Friend and ally of the Ne'er-Do-Wells. This six inch tall fae packs a powerful magical punch and is more than willing to throw down with the big boys. What she lacks in size she makes up for in pep and a devotion to justice. Unfortunately this devotion caused her soul to be separated from her body. Her soulless husk now goes by puck as her soul wanders in Hell.

Born an unknown time in the past in the Fae pocket dimension, Ivy was told stories of the mortal world for as long as she could remember, her favorites were those of the Arthurian cycle. Knights who were loyal to a fault, standing up for those who were unable to defend themselves. She promised herself that when the worlds were finally rejoined she would become a knight and protect the weak.

Her clan thought that all that was a little much. They had been Moon-Dew brewers for as long as anyone could remember and that's what they planned on continuing to do. When the worlds finally did merge again, it was a very different place than they had left it. Ivy's clan found themselves hiding out in the Sapphire City State Forest where they hoped they could live in the way that they were accustomed while avoiding the attention of the government. (To be Continued.)